The Intro to TDQ


I’m your host of The Don’t Quit Podcast, Nick Mann. This podcast is for those who are looking for the following motivation and productive ways to improve themselves.

Meet the Host

Nick Mann

I’ve learned life is not a straight path but rather multiple choices that branch off to who we want to be.

For example, I started as a freelance graphic designer during my time in college. I never thought I would be designing art prints in the offices of Fortune 500 companies or into podcasting that would be listened to by thousands.

I live in Tacoma, Washington, with my dog, Coco. We make a good team of him sleeping on me while I record and edit episodes you’ll enjoy.

So yes, everything you see and hear from The Don’t Quit Podcast is from me. I’m not a team, just a person like you who wants to share their gift to the world.

Learn more about me and my interests on Twitter @MannDesigner and behind the scenes and solo shows on Instagram @TDQPodcast

The Don’t Quit Prints

High quality motivation for your home & office.

You’ve been told to use sheer willpower to accomplish your goals. But that’s not true. Ever set a goal for yourself and found that you never achieve that goal?

You’re not alone. Only 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions achieve them. That’s because motivation and willpower are finite resources.

That is what The Don’t Quit Prints solves. To ensure your willpower and motivation become lasting as long as possible through typographic prints for your home & office.

It’s time to take your life to the next level with free shipping and returns. Check them out!

Quick Inspiration To Keep You Thriving

I love these stories. Perfect to tune in right whenever you need a mindset shift to remind yourself you are awesome, capable, and full of great things to do! Well done!

Chelsea Co-Founder of SimpleJane

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